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At the AGM in Salamanca the decision has been taken: the SPACe network will be closed.

Speech of the president of SPACE network, Anabela Mesquita, at the AGM

She thanks all the board members – Geert Baekelandt, Elke Kitzelmann and Luc Broes for their commitment. The Board has always acted as a College and all the decision were taken by simple majority. She also thanks Nida Macerauskiene, Mikael Forsström and Teresa Paiva for their support to the current board for 2 years and the others for their trust in SPACE network.
“Everything is cyclical – we are born, grow up and die. And this cycle is all over nature. We all disappear but just physically as our experience, knowledge, and values will remain, somehow, in this dimension. SPACE will never die as what we learned and lived will remain in us. In a few years, we will still be talking about SPACE. Here, in the network, we talked and did business, but we also made friends, some of them for life. 7 years ago, I said that we all were SPACE. Not me, not each of us individually, but all together. And this is the meaning of a network. If there is no one willing to lead the way, to continue with the project, this is a strong reason to close the cycle. And this is neither good nor bad. It is what it is. I know that some of you might feel sad or angry. But try to keep in your hearts the good memories. This was not an easy decision and believe me it was very difficult for the board to make it. Anyway, at this point, I just would like to thank you all for being part of this project and history. This is not a goodbye but a “see you soon”

Anabela Mesquita, president

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Colegio Delibes is located in a five story historic building in the square of Julian Sanchez "El Charro", just a five minutes walk from the Plaza Mayor. It is fully restored with the latest technology, equipped with an 8 person elevator, and has 23 spacious classrooms, all with climate control, computers, projectors and free Wi-Fi for students.

Are you interested in learning Spanish? Great! You have reached Colegio Delibes: The best way to learn Spanish for first time or improve your language skills.

Inside, you can enjoy a fully equipped video and conference room with a 60 person capacity, a gastronomy classroom for cooking classes, a library with books on loan, a computer room with free use of the Internet, an art gallery in the interior courtyard and WiFi networks on every floor.


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