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Country: Denmark
City : Odense
Start date: 01-10-2018
End date: 03-10-2018

Dear SPACE Network colleagues!

We would like to invite you to our 2018 project meeting that will take place at the University College Lillebaelt  (UCL) in Odense, Denmark from Monday 1 to Wednesday 3 October.

The main focus of this 3-day meeting will be on project development. We will work in project development teams, coordinated by members who have knowledge to share in the field of:

  • application of RDI in PHE institutions
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • e-learning
  • credit mobility

This project meeting is open to everyone!

Registration fee
€60 for non-members
free for SPACE Network members

SPACE Network members have some extra advantages:

  • at least 3 workshops will be organised by choice of SPACE Network members. Members are invited to fill in their workshop suggestions here
  • specific assistance in finding funding options


Check this page regularly as it will be updated in the following weeks!




1 October 2018

Monday 1st of October 2018

09.30 : we gather at Seebladsgade 1, Odense

10.00 : Welcome by Jacob Mentz, Director of International Affairs at UCL

Welcome by Anabela Mesquita, SPACE President, ISCAP Porto

The main focus of this 3-day meeting will be on project development. We will work in project development teams, coordinated by members who have knowledge to share in the field of application of RDI in PHE institutions, innovation and entrepreneurship, e-learning and credit mobility.

To consider: at present our society is facing numerous challenges like demographic challenges (ageing population, migration flows), inclusion and citizenship (social diversity, integration of migrants, need for critical thinking, disparity of values, inequalities), technological change and the future of work (automation and artificial intelligence, uncertainty about future skills needs, need for creativity and entrepreneurship), digitalisation of society (lack of digital skills, challenges of exploiting digital tools, inequalities in access to digital resources), environmental challenges (environmental degradation, growing consumerism, barriers to sustainable development), investment, reforms and governance (competitiveness, changes in approach to teaching and learning (see DG EAC).

10.30 – 12.30  Interactive workshop 1: Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

We exchange ideas about project development and knowledge sharing: RDI Process integration refers to the way RDI meets the needs of society and the world of work. The core criterion for it in PHE is that researchers seek and provide input from and to the world of work and value stakeholders’ requests and contributions. How to enhance the process at institutional level ?

  • Chair: Jacob Mentz, UCL
  • Referee: Anabela Mesquita, ISCAP and SPACE President

12:30 – 14:00  Lunch

14:00 – 16:00  Interactive Workshop 2:  Interactive workshop e-learning

and new technologies

Project development and Knowledge sharing:

E-learning and the impact of new technologies across contemporary life is a very significant field to education. In the workshop we will a.o. discuss if online learning can facilitate deep learning? if collaborative learning communities can be developed and sustained using current and new technologies? if a study of the learning process can help us to find the relevant points to set up some interesting characteristics of a really functional e-learning system.

  • Chair and referee: Anabela Mesquita, ISCAP and SPACE President                                     •          Referee: Elke Kitzelmann, UIBK, Austria, SPACE Vice-President

16:00 – 16:30  Presentation and discussions of ongoing UCL projects

UCL colleagues offer knowledge sharing and input to further development and exploitation of Pedagogical and World of Work projects. Let’s join them!

  • Chair and referee: Elke Kitzelmann, UIBK, Austria, SPACE Vice-President

19:00     Dinner  Odeon: sponsored by UCL


2 October 2018

Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

09.30 – 11.00  Interactive Workshop 3: Career Counselling and employability

We exchange ideas about project development and knowledge sharing: using data in career counselling – and in the process of building connections with stakeholders in the local job market. How are we developing this in our own country? How successful ? What are the bottleneck jobs at present?

  • Chair: Morten Lassen, Career counsellor UCL
  • Referee: Annemie Van den Dries, SPACE project manager

11:00 – 12:30   Workshop 4:  EU app

– Sebastian Schwepcke

He wants us to focus on the app Xchange4EU and discuss opportunities we could have to develop projects using this app for our students exchanges, and even for companies’ expansions in Europe. Some critics think the biggest problem of the EU is different cultures not understanding each other anymore. One reason might be lacking empathy for the other’s problem due to not knowing the other one´s culture. Everything working too well over the last decades led to people neglecting efforts for cultural exchange. A lack of cultural exchange, tolerance and understanding might cause essential problems within the EU. And this is all about what colleague Schwepcke wants us to reflect on and perhaps join him in developing a new EU project.

  • Chair and referee: Elke Kitzelmann, UIBK, Austria, SPACE Vice-President

12:30 – 14:00  Lunch

14:00 – 15:30  Interactive Workshop 5: Global outreach

We exchange ideas about project development and knowledge sharing esp. : what is ERASMUS+ International Credit mobility, what are our experiences when applying, running and disseminating credit mobility projects.

  • Chair Malin Burstrøm, project manager UCL
  • Referee: Regitze Kristensen, SPACE R1D manager

15:30 – 16:00  Coffee break

16:00 – 18:00  Workshop 6: Ready for Erasmus+ Call 2019? And post-2020?

Wild ideas for a new Erasmus+ project? Here we go! – Annemie Van den dries, SPACE

  • Chair: Luc Broes, SPACE Financial manager
  • Referee: Elke Kitzelmann, SPACE Vice-president

19:00     Dinner Nordatlantisk Hus: sponsored by SPACE network


3 October 2018

Wednesday 3rd of October 2018


09:00 – 11:00:  Visit to the Danish Television Company, TV2

The visit begins in the TV 2’s cinema, where a guide introduces the history of the house, organization, public service commitment, financing, program planning, viewer count, advertisements, etc. You will also visit the big news study.

11.30 – 12:30: summing up from the workshops – reports from the referees and next steps

  • Chair: Anabela Mesquita, ISCAP and SPACE President
  • Referee: Annemarie Van den dries, SPACE Project manager


Hotels that can be recommended – in walking distance from the train station and Campus Lillebaelt Seebladsgade:

Tourist information



Conference abstract


List of delegates

First name Last name Organisation E-mail
Allan Lindgaard Winther UCL
Anabela Mesquita SPACE
Camilla Skovsende Graversgaard Hansen UCL
Elke Kitzelmann Universität Innsbruck
Hilde Hoefnagels AP UAS
Inge Verhaegen AP
Jacob Mentz UCL
Jiménez Jose CEEDCV
Luc Broes SPACE
Malin Burstøm Gandrup UCL
Morten Jung Lassen UCL
Nida Macerauskiene Vilniaus kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences
Regitze Kristensen SPACE
Svetlana Ashmarina Samara State University of Economics
Vercet Pablo CEEDCV



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