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Country: ON LINE
City : Guarda
Start date: 22-04-2021
End date: 23-04-2021



22 April 2021

Central European Time

09.45 – Opening. Welcome session.

10.10 – 11.00 – Workshop
 Education 4.0 – Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities
Luisa Carvalho
Luisa Carvalho

Moderator – Nida Macerauskiene

11.00 – 13.00 –
Session 1:
1.Using gamification in Higher Education: lessons learned

Paulino Silva,Anabela Mesquita,Luciana Oliveira,
Adriana Oliveira,Arminda Sequeira

2.Building the university-community connection through a Service-Learning experience

Inmaculada Garcia-Martinez,Pedro Tadeu,Carlos Brigas

3.Including Social and service robots in the higher education learning context -insights from the AFORA projects at Arcada UAS, Helsinki

Christa Tigerstedt,Dennis Biström

4.The VAKEN project – future proofing and solving problems at the same time 

Mikael Forsström,Owen Kelly,Elena Smirnova,Christa Tigerstedt 

5.Developing a project to analyse multiple intelligences based on computational thinking in primary education

Pedro Tadeu,Carlos Brigas,Inmaculada Garcia-Martinez,
José Luís Ubago-Jiménez

Moderator – Anabela Mesquita

23 April 2021


9.30 – 10.45
Vice president, Geert Baekelandt

Workshop 2
Teaching Methods… under COVID - 
Michel Malengreaux


Moderator – Geert Baekelandt

11.00 – 12.00 –
Building on what we have achieved
Birgit Pitscheider


Moderator – Elke Kitzelmann

12.00 – 13.00 –
Session 2:
1. Fostering multicultural group work in a Portuguese higher education institution

Arminda Sequeira,Luciana Oliveira,Anabela Mesquita,
Adriana Oliveira,Paulino Silva

2.Understanding self-concept and academic stress in university students through their emotional intelligence

Inmaculada Garcia-Martinez,José María Augusto-Landa,
Samuel P. León

3.Archives and Documentation: An on-site pedagogical experience

Adriana Oliveira,Anabela Mesquita,Arminda Sequeira,
Paulino Silva,Luciana Oliveira

4.Social media use in tourism Higher Education – Poster

José Martins,Romeu Lopes,Vitor Roque

5.Introduction of modern digital courses in the project IESED under Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education programme

Rozalija Radlinskaitė,Lina Kankevičienė

Moderator – Mikael Forsstrom

13.00 –
Closing session

23 April 2021



Welcome 14:00

* Report by the president about what have been done – webinars / seminar / Open class Christian Byrge

* Financial matters presented by the financial manager

* Proposal of the new Statutes and vote on the acceptation of the new statutes.

* Elections of president and vice presidents

* New member


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Michel Malengreaux

Lecturer French-Spanish Hogent (University College Ghent, Belgium)
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Organisation: Hogent (University College Ghent, )
Country: Belgium
City: Ghent

Teaching methods… under covid

What about teaching methods now the world is suffering a huge pandemic?
Situation before Covid in Belgium? How we learned to swim in record time.
How do we deal with Covid? Some (good) practices.
What about the future? Is there a way back to “before”?

Birgit Pitscheider

Senior lecturer - Communication and e-learning skills instructor

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Organisation: Innsbruck University
Country: Austria
City: Innsbruck

Building on what we have achieved

Finding like-minded teachers and business people who care about education and would like to take it to the next level.

The past year has required flexibility and agility from both students and lecturers. It has been a human, pedagogical and digital challenge that many of us mastered well. How can we transfer knowledge and skills gained to our future digital teaching? This is what will be addressed and we will explore in this keynote with input and interactive parts.

Luisa Carvalho

Associate Professor

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Organisation: Institute Polytechnic of Setúbal, Portugal
Country: Portugal
City: Setubal

Education 4.0 – Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities

The goal of the workshop is to highlight the next drivers of education for HEI in Europe and how the institutions and teachers can prepare themselves to overcome the future challenges and take the opportunities of development and growth.

Conference abstract


List of delegates

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Guidelines full papers

Guidelines workshops


Important Dates

Submit your work

Call for papers/posters

Submissions are welcome which relate to the general Conference Theme under the following topics:

  • Higher Education 4.0
  • Higher Education Pedagogy and Technologies
  • Higher Education research and its relationship with industry
  • Higher Education Collaborative Projects
  • Student Engagement, Diversity and Employability
  • Internationalization of Higher Education
  • Enablers and constraints in the promotion of research in higher education

Types of Submissions:

  • Refereed Long papers (10 pages). Finished or consolidated R&D works, to be included in one of the Conference themes: 4000 words max excluding reference list
  • Refereed Working/Work-in-Progress or short papers (5 pages). Ongoing works with relevant preliminary results, opened to discussion: 2500 words max excluding reference list
  • Poster Presentations. Initial work with relevant ideas, opened to discussion: A1 size (or 6 x A4) – abstracts submission of 500 words
  • Master/Doctoral submission: 2000 words max excluding reference list
  • Pedagogical experiences and case studies (2 pages)

All papers will be “blind reviewed” by at least two members of the Scientific Committee.

The authors of accepted poster papers must build and print a poster to be exhibited during the Conference. The poster must follow an A1 or A2 vertical format, pdf extension. The Conference includes Work Sessions where these posters are presented and orally discussed, with a 5-minute limit per poster.

Submissions must comply with the detailed specifications which may be attached to this call or are available on the website  Submission of work is through Easy Chair –

 Publication Opportunities

Full papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

The best papers relating to Higher Education will be considered for publication in the network journal Advances in Higher Education: Research, Education, and Innovation

To ensure that the contribution (full paper, short paper/work in progress, poster paper or master/doctoral symposium paper) is published in the Proceedings, at least one of the authors must be fully registered in the conference; and the paper must comply with the suggested layout and page-limit. Additionally, all recommended modifications must be addressed by the authors before they submit the final version.

No more than one paper per registration will be published in the Conference Proceedings. An extra fee must be paid for the publication of additional papers, with a maximum of one additional paper per registration.

Importantes dates: (time zone GMT+1)

  • All submissions: Friday, March 19th, 2021 (midnight)
  • Notification of acceptance ‘as is’ or required amendments: Friday, 2nd of April 2021
  • Submission of amended papers and all posters: Wednesday, 14th April 2021 (midnight)
  • Payment of registration (in time to ensure the inclusion of an accepted paper in the conference proceedings): Wednesday, 31st March 2021

Questions? Any questions about the call for submissions please contact:

Teresa Paiva –

We are looking forward to receiving your submission!