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Categories Of Membership

There are four categories of membership and/or partnership in Space:

Full members, who are institutional members consisting of properly constituted and recognized European colleges, business schools or universities.

Individual members, who have to be approved by the board

Associate members who may be recognised professional bodies, companies, recognised associations of Institutions in Higher Education or recognized colleges, business schools or universities from outside Europe.

Honorary members have been approved by the Board in recognition of their contribution to educational research, development or innovation in Europe or in SPACE.

The present honorary members are:
Jean-Marie Dejonghe, former President (deceased) (FR)
Donald Ross, former Executive Secretary (deceased) (DE)
Nadine Portail, former Administrator (FR)
Ragnhild Lenschow, former Administrator, former President, former Secretary-General (NO)
Greta Vandeborne, former Administrator, former Chair of Education Committee, former Secretary-General (BE)
Regitze Kristensen, former Secretary-General (DK)
Stefan Delplace, former EURASHE Secretary General (BE).

Partners with whom SPACE may conclude an agreement of partnership can be business partners (companies, Chamber of Commerce, Business partners ) and complementary Networks for mutual benefit and additional networking opportunities see affiliated associations

Rights and obligations of full and associate members are laid down in the Bye-Laws. Click here to download the Bye-Laws

In the membership directory you find a survey of countries and institutions involved in the SPACE network. Contact details (liaison person, email, address, telephone) of all members are available at this website in the Members only Section.