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Past Events

32nd Conference: The Future of Education

Salamanca Event

webinar 1-AvdD

31st SPACE Network virtual CONFERENCE Improving the quality of digital education

Webinar 4: " Engaging students in a flipped classroom"

Webinar 3: Problem based learning: a way to critical thinking learning goal

Webinar 2 :How to start writing a European Education project, hoping it will be successful!

Webinar: How to increase the possibility to have a European project funded - some tips

SPACE AGM, International meeting & Conference:"The Role of HEI in Smart Specialization Strategies"

SPACE network Project meeting November 2019 Vilnius - LT

SPACE Network (30th) CONFERENCE 2019 Kavala-GR

SPACE network Project meeting October 2018 Odense - DK

SPACE Network (29th) CONFERENCE 2018 Kolding -DK

SPACE network Project meeting November 2017 Ghent -BE

SPACE Network (28th) CONFERENCE 2017 Porto - PO

SPACE network SOTA April 2017 Porto - PO

SPACE network Project meeting November 2016 Porto -PO

SPACE Network - DIGAS (27th) CONFERENCE 2016 Ghent-BE

PHEXCEL CONFERENCE November 2015 London - UK

BIOINNO CONFERENCE September 2015 Brussels - BE

EWC CONFERENCE September 2015 Brighton - UK

SPACE Network ( 26th) CONFERENCE 2015 Torun-HU

SPACE network (25th) AUTUMN meeting October 2014 Leeds - UK