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Space Benefits & Application

SPACE Network has agreements with various different networks:

Some benefits of being a member of SPACE Network:

  • Full Membership is an institutional membership, that means that more than one faculty can join and have access to our digital platform.
  • Individual membership is possible and allows to enjoy some of the SPACE benefits.

  • Only a small registration fee is to be paid by members for the Annual SPACE Conference and Autumn Meeting.
  • The Annual Conference is organized as a peer-reviewed research forum where academics and researchers from SPACE member-institutions present their research work or examples of good practice in a number of areas related to innovation and applied research in education. Papers are published in the conference proceedings.
  • No fee is charged for the use of our electronic digital platform – including all online courses and forums.
  • SPACE members receive the SPACE Newsletter free (6 times a year). This Newsletter contains the latest news about the network, projects, upcoming events, members, etc.
  • Thanks to the fact that SPACE is represented in many countries, there is a large platform for choosing partners in developing projects that start at the Annual Meetings.
  • Thanks to our agreements of cooperation with other networks, SPACE members can benefit from a larger platform of partners and networking opportunities and are invited to participate in projects.
  • SPACE Network can also act as an intermediary – our members benefit as if they were also members of other networks. Sometimes the benefit is to participate in some networks with reduced fee and sometimes is to participate with a group of students in international competitions.
  • Thanks to the partnership with companies, SPACE members have a direct recruitment platform for their students.

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Download here a small SPACE brochure containing the highlights of the SPACE Network.

Download Space member application forms (ZIP format).