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The Space Awards

Special performance or excellence in achievement benefiting SPACE in any one year may be rewarded by the President at the President’s discretion.

Members cannot propose or nominate colleagues or other person for this award – it remains the sole initiative of the President and his/her advisers.

This award is given by the President to a person of his or her choice, independent of the regular nomination procedure of the Awards Committee.

The President decides on the nature of the prize or award given from time to time.

JohnTroyThe aim of the John Troy Award is to recognize an outstanding person in the SPACE network. John Troy was for many years an inspiration to all members and he created an atmosphere of initiative, humor and best practices.

We are looking for nominees who brought the SPACE organization forwards and at the same time created positive change around him/her.

The John Troy Award was introduced to recognize the contribution of energetic and proactive members of the organization – in short, anyone who is worthy to step in the footsteps of our late President John Troy. Nominations can come from anyone in the SPACE network – students, faculty, school staff, companies, associated SPACE members etc.

Acting and active board members of SPACE cannot be nominated.

Who would deserve the award? Someone who would

  • Be a senior practitioner in international higher education with a documented record of high professional standards for at least ten years.
  • Be widely recognized as a person who has contributed to both processes and results in international education with dedication, innovation and perseverance.
  • Have a record of providing leadership and inspiration to others.
  • Have a history of service to the SPACE Network.
  • Have developed and implemented an innovative project, system, programme or procedure that improves international education.
  • Have produced results that can be measured
  • Have documented the innovation so that it can be adopted and implemented by others.


The John Troy Award is only awarded when worthy applicants have been nominated.


SPACE awards a sum of 1000 Euros to the awardee at an AGM or AM.


Please return this nomination form as an email to the President of the SPACE Board:

The Space European Network for Business Studies and Languages Board has authority to award Honorary Memberships from time to time as deemed fit by the SPACE board.

From 2011, and in successive years, it will invite nominations for Honorary Membership .

If the Board judges that a nomination merits such an award, it will confer the award (a maximum of two per year) at the annual conference.

The criteria for the award are as follows:

Honorary Membership may be conferred on individuals in recognition of their contribution to educational research, development or innovation in Europe.

Criteria and Procedures for Inviting Nominations

Call for Nominations

The Secretary General will issue a call for nominations. Members nominating a particular candidate should ensure that the candidate fits the criteria for Honorary Membership for which s/he is being nominated, which are that the person:

  • has made a substantial contribution to professional educational research, innovation, development or innovation in accordance with the aims of SPACE;
  • has made a substantial contribution to the educational community (policy formulation, public awareness, best practices etc.)
  • has made special contribution to the promotion and growth of the organization.

The nominator must provide a profile of the candidate in support of the nomination. In making the nomination, relevant information would include but not necessarily be confined to the candidate’s contribution to the work of SPACE and the candidate’s length of membership of SPACE.

All Honorary Membership nominations should be submitted on the form you can download below and sent either to the President or the Secretary-General.

Selection Procedures

The SPACE Board will examine the nominations and take into account the criteria for Honorary Membership. The Board will pass a resolution at the meeting to bestow one, and under special circumstances more than one Honorary Membership on the nominee/s.

Advertising the Decision of the SPACE Board

The decision of the SPACE Board will be recorded in the minutes of the Board meeting. Following the President’s letter to the nominee and the nominee’s acceptance of the Honorary Membership, the decision will be published on the SPACE website prior to the conference.

The Conference Planning Committee will arrange for a time during the conference programme for the bestowal of the Honorary Membership.