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Management bodies

SPACE consists of three Management Bodies:

1.) The General Assembly

The General Assembly comprises the representatives of the institutional and associate members. The General Assembly meets once a year at the Annual General Meeting. It is, amongst other things, responsible for the modification of the statutes, the admission and removal of members and the approval of accounts and budgets.

2.) The Council

The Council comprises the members of the Board, the Committee/ Section Chairs and one national representative from each member country. The Council meets at least once a year. It is, amongst other things, a forum for discussion of the Association’s strategic policy and a link between the national committees and the Board.

3.) The Board:

The Board comprises at least 5 members. The board meets minimum once a year, prior to the Annual General Meeting. The President and the Board are primarily responsible for ensuring the transparency of SPACE Network’s objectives.

Read more about the composition and function of the 3 Management bodies in the Statutes, to be found under “Offical documents” in the Private members’ area Chamilo.

The General Assembly represents all members:  there is one vote per member institution.
Associate members can attend as observers.


The role of the Council is to prepare the General Assembly and to defend the interest of the members in his/her country. It acts as a link between the national committees and the Board. The Council meets once a year and this meeting is linked to the SPACE Autumn Meeting in October.
Next to the Board members and Section Chairs, each country is represented: 1 vote per country.
Associate members can attend as an observer without voting right.

The Board consists of the President, two Vice-Presidents,  the Financial Manager, the Adviser for Research and Development and the Secretary.


ISCAP/Porto, Portugal

foto perfil


Universität Innsbruck, Austria

Elke Kitzelmann




Hogeschool Ghent, Belgium



Financial Manager

President FIAC
Owner of De Wegvinder BVBA & Trefzeker CVBA
Antwerpen, Belgium




Advisor for Research and Development

 UCL, Odense, Denmark




Brussels, Belgium